Waterbury Police Divisions

The Waterbury Police Department is comprised of several divisions that fall under four main categories: Command Staff, Administration, Investigation Bureau and Patrol. Together, these divisions join forces to efficiently serve the City of Waterbury, making it a safer place to live, work and visit.  

Command Staff

The Waterbury Police Command Staff is dedicated to showcasing exemplary police leadership and integrity while maintaining professional standards and conduct. The Command Staff is made up of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Operations, Deputy Chief of Administration and Captains.


The Waterbury Police Administration department is the driving force of the department, overseeing all administrative duties including aiding the entire staff, dealing with internal affairs, maintaining professional standards and providing support services.

Investigation Bureau

The Criminal Investigation Bureau is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses that have been reported to the Waterbury Police Department. The department is broken into 4 separate divisions: Detective Division, Vice & Intelligence, the Juvenile Division and Forensics.


The Patrol Division is the largest division in the Waterbury Police Department and is a uniformed, highly-visible division that is responsible for enforcing statutes and city ordinances as well as provide assistance as needed. But most importantly, the Patrol Division is responsible for protecting the safety of all members of the community to feel safe and secure in their person and possessions.