Deputy Chief of Administration

Deputy Chief of Administration

The Deputy Chief of Administration is responsible for the administrative functions of the department. The Deputy Chief analyzes and evaluates the performance of the police department and individual officers, maintaining professional developments in police administration. Additionally, the Deputy Chief performs studies and administers projects at the discretion of the Chief of Police. 

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Role As An Advisor

In absence of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief shall be the leader of the Chief’s management team, ensuring all goals set by the Chief are met in a timely, efficient and effective manner. The Deputy Chief serves as a close advisor to the Chief of Police for all administrative functions of the police department.  

Administrative Responsibilities & Management

Oversees Professional Standards & Accreditation, Training & Recruitment and Community Services

Budget, Purchasing, Payroll, Extra Work, Combined Dispatch Center, Headquarters and Fleet Management 

Records Division, Property and Evidence, Quartermaster's Office & Information Technology

Victim Services, Dispatch & Police Communications, Parking Authority, Extra Duty and Training

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Deputy Chief Daniel Lauer

Deputy Chief of Administration

Telephone: 203-574-6969

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