Detective Division

Detective Division

The members of the Detective Division are responsible for collecting and analyzing information on criminal activity that has occurred within the City of Waterbury and disseminates it to patrol officers in the field. Detectives interview and take statements from victims, witnesses and suspects, prepare and execute search and seizure warrants, prepare arrest warrants, search for wanted suspects, and testify in court. All detectives work under the Criminal Investigation umbrella.


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Special Skills & Training

Many of the detectives also have specialized training and assignments in addition to their general responsibilities. The Waterbury Police Department Detective Division is made up of highly skilled specialists that are uniquely trained to handle and investigate a variety of serious and/or violent crimes.

This includes detectives that are cross-deputized as U.S. Marshals, working as members of the Violent Fugitive Task Force that search for wanted fugitives in Waterbury. There are also detectives assigned to specifically investigate burglaries and other crimes against property. 

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Lieutenant Tierone Touponse

Detective Division Commanding Officer

Telephone: 203-574-6941

Other Specialized Units

Auto Theft Task Force

Auto Theft Task Force was created as a response to the increase in both stolen motor vehicles and the recovery of stolen motor vehicles in the City of Waterbury over the last few years. The Auto Theft Task Force is responsible for identifying theft patterns, intelligence gathering, interviewing offenders and working with other agencies.

Burglary Squad

The Waterbury Police Burglary Squad takes a proactive approach in the investigation of burglaries and other crimes against property. Burglary investigators visit area pawnshops, gather data and work closely with the Forensic Laboratory to investigate.

Computer Crimes

The Computer Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating all computer-related crimes, including child pornography, child sexual assault and child sex enticement, as well as conducting digital forensic examinations on computers, their peripheral devices and cell phones.

Sex Crimes Unit

The Sex Crimes Unit investigates complaints of sexual assaults and child abuse. Officers selected for this assignment will work within the Detective Division.

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Captain Jeremy Desena

Criminal Investigation Bureau Commander

Telephone: 203-574-6941


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