Professional Standards

Professional Standards

The Waterbury Police Professional Standards Unit is responsible for evaluating the quality of the entire department’s operations as well as maintaining citizen satisfaction based on feedback from the community. The Professional Standards Unit prioritizes maintaining a professional police atmosphere. 

Training Division

The Waterbury Police Department Training Division, works in conjunction with the Connecticut Police Officer Standards and training Council (POSTC) and other training entities, to provide or afford training  opportunities to the members of the Waterbury Police Department.  The training programs provided are designed to encompass various skills essential to the effective execution of police responsibilities.  

The Training Division works to ensure that all Waterbury Police Officers maintain their police officer certification, as well as other certifications by coordinating, scheduling, and hosting training sessions to our offiers, and to the Greater Waterbury Region.  The Training Division also coordinates with the various divisions throughout the department to ascertain any specialized training needs and to plan for the future.

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Lieutenant Steven Alden

Training Division Commanding Officer

Telephone: 203-573-5001

The Waterbury Police Academy in standing in front of Waterbury City Hall with their hands behind their backs

Waterbury Police Academy

The Department began running its own Police Officer Standard Training Council (POSTC) Satellite Police Academy in 2005. Since then, the Waterbury Police Academy has graduated almost 200 police officers for the Waterbury Police Department and other police agencies throughout the State of Connecticut.

Waterbury’s Police Academy combines over 1000 hours of physical, academic and practical training, using current Waterbury Police Officers, officers from other police agencies and civilian instructors to teach the police recruits. After the police academy graduation, the new officers are put into a 10-week Field Training Officer (FTO) Program to put their newly acquired knowledge to use in real situations.

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This training includes, but is not limited to:

Medical Response Technician (MRT) Recertification class

National Crime Information Center (NCIC) class

Yearly Firearms Qualifications 

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Captain Nicholas Lukiwsky

Professional Standards Commanding Officer

Telephone: 203-346-6103

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