Uniform Bureau

Waterbury Uniform Bureau

The Uniform Bureau provides the foundation for all law enforcement efforts of the Waterbury Police Department and serves as the most visible and recognizable group within the agency. The Uniform Bureau provides direct police services to the City of Waterbury 24-hours a day, including responding to calls for police services as well as 911 emergencies, investigating crimes, crashes and more. 


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division responds to all calls for police services for the City of Waterbury. The Patrol Division is headed by the Assistant Deputy Chief with the three shift commanders working under the Assistant Deputy Chief. The duties of these officers include:

  • Conducting thorough preliminary investigations

  • Enforcing laws and regulations on a day-to-day basis

  • Practicing crime prevention and suppression activities

  • Fostering positive relations with the community

The Patrol Division often serves as a liaison between the department and the community, aiming to embrace a community policing philosophy and work to prevent crime and resolve neighborhood issues.

Shift Commander Duties

Waterbury Police Shift Commanders are responsible for directing and supervising the officers of the Uniform Bureau. The Shift Commanders work to maintain a professional atmosphere within the department and have taken extensive training and courses to aid in the following areas: 

  • Police Leadership

  • Crisis Management

  • Critical Incident Response

  • Civil Preparedness

  • Emergency Management

Current Shift Commanders

Day Shift

Captain Mark Russo

Evening Shift

Acting Captain David Coletti

Night Shift 

Captain Michael Dasilva

Get In Touch

Acting Assistant Deputy Chief Robert Davis

Uniform Bureau Commander

Telephone: 203-574-6936

Looking for more information?

Contact the Waterbury Police Department with any inquiries, requests for service, information on a crime or to report suspicious activity.